Did you know that tiny leaks can wreak havoc in a commercial building?

A leakage could make deep cracks in the walls without showing much difference on the outside. Thus, you might think the building looks fresh as ever, but in reality, there might be internal issues festering. And this is not something you want to find out a little too late.

Waterproofing the building prevents water from seeping into the interiors and damaging the structure. And while you can apply a coat of paint to the exteriors of your commercial space, it will not fix internal damages. Since the strength of the building depends on the walls staying in good shape, waterproofing is one part you cannot afford to skip.

However, this is not the only reason to waterproof your building. Here are a few other advantages to it…

Advantages Of Commercial Waterproofing

Applying Waterproofing To Dark Concrete

1. Prevents Structural Damage

Let’s begin with the most apparent reason to waterproof anything- to prevent water from seeping in. As we mentioned earlier, internal damages are the number one reason buildings need massive repairs. When water stays in the walls for too long, it creates rot and corrosion that weakens the structure over time.

Fixing water damage on the roof can be one of the costliest changes you can make to the ceiling. Depending on the severity of the damage, you might have to replace the entire top structure if necessary.

Apart from that, water leakage can spoil electronics, wires, and furniture. Mixing water and electricity is never a good idea, but if there is leakage, the water is bound to come in contact with the wires. Needless to say, this can prove to be harmful to the people working in the building.

2. Spot Problems Early

There is one huge benefit of having a team come over and waterproof your commercial building. The team of experts know the areas to look for and can run a complete investigation for issues. If it turns out that there are pre-existing problems in the structure, you can get them fixed before installing waterproofing.

Many times the issues will not be as apparent and may look perfectly fine from the outside. But if you check for problems before waterproofing, you are essentially preventing issues in the future. Not to mention the amount of time and money you will save in the process.

3. Increases Strength Of The Structure

It is no secret that concrete cannot handle constant exposure to water. Yes, a good quality concrete mix can stay sturdy for years. But if the leaks are not checked, it’s only a matter of time before it gives way to cracks. These are the kind of changes that will be visible even on the exterior of the commercial building.

It goes without saying that having a building with multiple cracks gives a rundown appearance. That will not leave the best impression in front of clients and customers, will it? Besides, it is common for chunks of concrete to fall off when the cracks deepen. This could be extremely dangerous for employees working in the building.

But these structural issues can be prevented by waterproofing the building.

4. Removes Mould

Once you waterproof your commercial building, the foundations will stay stronger for much longer. But with that, the presence of mould and mildew will also drastically reduce. When the walls have a lot of moisture in small nooks and crannies, it becomes a favourable spot for fungi and mould to grow.

As these microbes thrive, they slowly spread towards the interiors and mix in the air. Breathing this air can have adverse effects on human health, especially on the respiratory system. Asthma, sneezing, fever, skin rashes, allergies, and weakening of the immune system are directly related to increased microbial population in the air.

No one would want to live or work in an environment that makes them sick. That is why a safe, healthy office space needs waterproofing to keep mould and microbes at bay.

5. Save Money On Maintenance

You might want to put off waterproofing for later because it costs money for the installation. But the truth of the matter is, not getting waterproofing done to your building will cost you much more in maintenance and repairs.

Yes, as a business owner, you should avoid unnecessary expenses. But waterproofing is going to prevent frequent upkeep and expensive repairs. So, in the long run, you end up saving more money by opting for waterproofing.

If you ensure that the building is safe from water damage, most of your structural repair troubles end there.

6. Energy Efficient

There is one factor that many people do not consider. And that is the energy-saving benefits of waterproofing. When we waterproof the foundation, walls, or roof, we know it mainly keeps out water. But, the other benefit is that it insulates the building from the outer surroundings.

Better insulation means improved heating or cooling with lesser electricity. And less electricity or energy spent also translates to lesser money spent. Let’s say you use the air conditioner throughout the day in this commercial building. The sun rays fall on the exterior, making the building hotter, and thus the cooling system needs to work extra hard.

But with the reflective ingredients in waterproofing materials, the sun rays bounce back and do not make the walls as hot as they would have been. Obviously, this lowers the energy and money required for cooling.

7. Delays The Need For A New Roof

One day or the other, the roof will need a replacement. But it would be good if this could be delayed as further as possible. Also, it would be ideal if you could avoid paying for frequent repairs due to weathering of the surface.

The good thing is, this is possible if you opt for waterproofing. A roof with waterproofing will always last much longer than one without it. And this simple yet inexpensive addition can delay the need for a new roof.

Tips For Waterproofing Your Commercial Building

Waterproofing Concrete Rooftop

1. Choose The Correct Product

If you’ve decided to go for a waterproof sealer, you need to make sure it’s a good quality product that will last long. Just as you would check for suitable materials before building a project, it is important to choose tools and products wisely.

Now, we just wanted to point out that waterproof sealants will wear out and get damaged too. But the only difference is, it will take a really long time to wear out. And during that time, you save the expense of surface inspections, removing old materials, applying new products, and much more.

The most common types of sealants are silicone and urethane. If you live in an area with plenty of sunshine, the silicone waterproof dealer might be your best bet. It has UV ray protection and does not wear out in harsh conditions either.

2. Hire Experienced Contractors

If you are beginning a waterproofing project for a commercial building, make sure you hire contractors with care. Contractors that specialise in waterproofing will get the job done quickly and are bound to make fewer mistakes.

A good professional should be able to work within the given budget and meet deadlines. After all, the longer the project takes for completion, the costlier it gets for the building owner.

3. Have The Building Professionally Inspected

The waterproofing contractor should be able to conduct “destructive testing.” This process is an excellent way to determine if the sealant stays intact or peels off easily. Professionals know the points to check in the building and detect rot, mould, and water leakage.

Thus, getting a professional inspection will give you detailed information about the condition of the building and methods to improve it.

Waterproofing Your Business

When you waterproof the roof for a commercial building, it’s not simply a matter of tearing down the old piece and replacing it with another. There is a lot of careful work involved so that you do not reach the point where it’s necessary to build from scratch.

There are plenty of companies and expert contractors that you can contact for applying waterproof sealer. Simply adding a waterproof sealer can help your building stay new for longer. Besides, silicone or acrylic spray paint is much more cost-effective than removing the entire roof and rebuilding it. So, consider getting an expert to waterproof your commercial building.

With that, we’ll sign off for today. But watch out for more interesting and informative content.

Until then, stay safe!