We’re going to look at a number of different aspects in this article including the benefits of polished concrete, but first…

What Is Polished Concrete?

The process for polishing concrete is like that of sanding a plank of wood. A concrete slab is ground down until it reaches the desired level of shine and texture. Then, it goes through a process to achieve a smooth finish. The process can be performed with new concrete or a slab that requires refurbishment.

A polished concrete floor can be used for many different types of residential, commercial and heavy foot traffic areas including:

  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Educational facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Private kitchens
  • Residential outdoor spaces

Benefits of Polished Concrete

While being extremely versatile and a great way to refurbish an old slab of concrete, there are many benefits to polished concrete in both commercial and industrial applications:

Clean Concrete Floor


  • Polished concrete durability is a key benefit of this type of flooring system. Polished concrete floors hold up well, even in heavy foot traffic areas, as they will not stain, chip, or dis-colour. Concrete grinding and polishing also eliminate the need for messy waxing or frequent resurfacing.

Low Maintenance

  • Grinding and polishing concrete floors creates a durable surface, which is much longer-lasting than other surfaces including vinyl or stone tile. Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain other than occasional sweeping or moping to remove dust or debris from the surface.

Low Cost

  • Concrete grinding and polishing can create a beautiful surface that resembles stone or other costlier materials. However, concrete grinding and polishing is quick and affordable when compared to the installation and material costs of other flooring options.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Concrete grinding and polishing bring out the natural beauty of any type of concrete. In addition, when concrete stains are applied over polished concrete, they can provide the look of expensive polished stone including marble or granite. Polished concrete can provide a stylish and beautiful look for years to come with little upkeep or maintenance costs.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Concrete grinding and polishing is an environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring solution. There is a low amount of waste produced during installation and the long-lasting properties of this flooring as well as the ability for polished concrete to improve indoor air quality by reducing or eliminating dust, mould, and mildew.

Reflective Surface

  • Grinding and polishing concrete floors creates a high gloss surface that reflects light. This can lead to the creation of a safer environment as well as reduce lighting costs even in large buildings, warehouses, or factories.

Is Polished Concrete Right For You?

There are many benefits of polished concrete for your home or business as it can make any space feel clean and luxurious while having low maintenance costs – but, you need to work out if its right for you.

You can check out our portfolio for design ideas and options to inspire your new space. There are also a variety of finishes for polished concrete to suit your space, including high gloss.

Contact one of our Brisbane or Sunshine Coast team if you’d like to learn more about polished concrete floors and whether it would be right for your upcoming project.