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Learn about the different options for flooring as well as their benefits and disadvantages. You can count on us to provide expert advice throughout the whole process and to assist you in finding the best solution for your situation.

How Do You Install Polyurethane Floors?

Follow the link to learn more about what polyurethane floors are and the step by step process on how they are installed on commercial premises.  

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Cleaning Concrete Polished Floors – 6 Intelligent Tips

Maintaining and cleaning concrete polished floors are a vital part of ensuring that your floors retain their look and luster over time.  The following article outlines firstly how polished floors […]

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Cleaning Tips For Commercial Epoxy Floors

The durability and resilience of epoxy flooring need no introduction. That’s why it finds use in many commercial spaces, like hospitals, warehouses, factories, laboratories, or garages. In fact, when maintained […]

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Is Epoxy Flooring Suitable For Commercial Use?

Thinking about installing epoxy flooring in your commercial or industrial space? Find out why it is a great option by reading our informative guide!

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How Long Do Epoxy Floors Last?

Is your work floor flaking or showing signs of wear and tear? It might be time to renovate it with more durable material. One of the options we suggest that […]

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How Durable is Epoxy Flooring?

Are you considering installing epoxy flooring in your home or business, but not sure how long it will last? Following our guide to find out how durable epoxy flooring is.

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