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The kitchen is notorious for being hot, wet, and potentially dangerous. It is not unusual to see chefs moving hot items in front and behind others; line cooks cutting and dicing with razor-sharp knives, and cleaning teams using suds and oils that make things slippery. Each of these core functions needs to have the confidence to move about without worrying about slipping or damaging the floors.

A commercial kitchen floor that is properly installed is essential to ensuring that food is produced efficiently. The truth is, it is sometimes down weighted as a priority and is addressed at the conclusion of a build in order to ensure compliance. Truth be told, if you are thinking ahead, you might spend less than you expect on your flooring and definitely save money in the medium and long term – not just in maintenance costs, but also with insurance.

Food safety standards such as HACCP, AQIS, BRC and ISO 9000 require hygienic and durable flooring solutions in commercial kitchens and food processing areas. Epoxy resin is slip-resistant and highly durable making them perfect for commercial flooring solutions.

High Performance


Commercial kitchen floors need to offer the best possible performance regarding hygiene, safety, longevity and durability.

There is no doubt that epoxy resin flooring outperforms all other options.

Commercial kitchens, food processing plants, as well as automotive factories, use resin flooring. Food processing and handling areas benefit from their high levels of hygiene, ease of maintenance, and ability to withstand considerable wear and tear. As epoxy flooring is slip-resistant, it also assists in adherence to OHS regulations and is a great option to protect staff.

There are two main resin flooring options:

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What You Need to Consider


Ease of Cleaning & Anti-Slip – On a practical level, commercial kitchen flooring must be easy to clean in order to provide excellent hygiene standards. To reduce the risk of workplace accidents, it must also possess significant anti-slip properties.

Longevity – Commercial kitchens are busy places. Floors are regularly subjected to spillages of things like fats, oils, grease, detergents and acids. Combined with the heavy foot traffic, flooring has to offer extreme durability to handle these highly demanding environments.

Easy Install & Repair – Finally, you will need to take into account both the installation process as well as maintenance and repairs of the kitchen flooring solution.

Contact one of our flooring experts to help guide you through what would be the best solution for your commercial kitchen floors.

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Commercial kitchens are always individual in their needs and the outcomes they need to fulfil. There wide are a range of kitchen flooring solutions and we’re confident we can meet your needs.

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Over 30 years of experience and training have given our highly skilled team of installers a great deal of field knowledge.

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We use only top quality commercial-grade products and equipment – not the rubbish stuff from local hardware stores.

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Having a large team of qualified applicators means that we can be available quickly and we are able to meet your timelines.

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Applicators from our commercial flooring Queensland branches are experienced across a variety of materials and finishes.

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We’re not happy with a project unless you are, and that is why we will always work with you to ensure you are satisfied.

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“Absolutely first class service every step of the way. John, Russ, Justin, and Tom were fantastic to work with and delivered on time. Highly personable team that were true professionals. Highest possible recommendation for their service.”

David Kudlak

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“I apologize for not taking the time sooner to tell you how much we love the floor finish your firm did for us. My tenants love it and I get complements on it from visitors all the time. I feel so proud of my self because I choose you to do the job! Thank you so much.”

Patricia Waldrop

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“Unlike some other concrete flooring companies, Superior Concrete Finishes was personable and thorough. They carefully explained his product and procedures, and did not pressure us for a quick decision. They even suggest. When unexpected conditions were encountered on the job, the crew worked through them. They make sure the work was completed properly and on schedule. Thanks Superior Concrete Finishes.”

Tifanny Regner

Frequently Asked Questions


Epoxy resin flooring can be scratched if heavy objects are dragged across its surface, however, under normal conditions, epoxy flooring should not scratch.

No. An epoxy floor installation that has been professionally laid with a high-quality product is highly durable will last for years. Whether it is an epoxy coating on a garage floor, your living area or commercial epoxy flooring – an epoxy coatings floor can be trusted to last.

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean. Usually, a neutral PH cleaner is all that is required – depending on the product used and the application requirements (whether the area is commercial or residential).

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