Dust is costing you, your buyers and your tenants.

  • Industrial sheds without a certified dustproofing treatment continually look worn out and as a result become harder to lease out and/or sell.
  • Sheds that sit empty for months (or years) are obviously not something you or your shed owners want to risk.
  • Tenants occupying sheds with unpolished concrete floors spend countless hours and buckets of money constantly trying to keep floors clean and well maintained – and it is an  ongoing battle they never win.
  • Millions of dollars of stock and machinery vital to the running of the tenants business are placed at risk from the dust that rises from untreated concrete as a result of heavy traffic across the floors.
  • Sheds without dustproof floors pose a health and safety risk to staff as a result of silica dust that rises up from the concrete as a result of the regular heavy traffic passes over the floors.
Concrete Dust

Here's why it's a problem

All of the problems listed above are created by concrete dust that is:

A) captured on top of concrete floors that may have been brought in from outside and settles within the rough concrete surface, and

B) rises up from within the concrete as a result of wear and tear from heavy traffic (forklifts, trucks, motor vehicles, etc.)

Dustproofing sheds is vital in attracting more tenants and/or buyers and reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

We found a solution!

High Quality, Low Cost Dustproofing.

We’ve been working in the concrete flooring industry for years now and with the assistance of local commercial real estate agents here in QLD have been searching for a dustproofing solution for our industrial shed clients that was both cost effective and of superior quality. We struggled with the quality of the spray on solutions currently being offered and the cost of traditional polishing & dustproofing options for large sheds.

Eventually we found a fantastic solution and are very proud to be bringing the Power Trowel System to QLD for the first time.

VIDEO:  Watch how the system works.

Check out our wet trowel polishing system that we recently used on 11,000m2 of warehouse flooring in North Brisbane. Super fast concrete polishing system that provides both an economical and highly presentable floor perfect for commercial and industrial uses.

The Dustproofing System

Used Worldwide

This system has been successfully used in large industrial and commercial floors for the last 10 years throughout Europe and the USA.

Best Solution

The power trowel system presents itself as an amazing solution to solving the dust problems in both new and existing industrial sheds.

Low Cost

The power trowel system is a low-cost (but better) alternative to existing dust proofing solutions.

Super Fast

This system is super fast & will get you back on the floor faster than all other solutions.

High Quality

This Dustproofing System has achieved ISO 9001 Certification.

HACCP Approved

The system has achieved the international standard for effective control of food safety.

Rccent Job

Power Trowel Dustproofing

Check out the guys at work in Brendale where there are installing a dustproofing system in an 11,000m2 warehouse.

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You will know the daily struggle of maintaining a floor as an industrial shed or warehouse owner. With more than 10 years of proven success in large industrial and commercial facilities, we know this system will provide many benefits, including:

  • It is a highly cost-effective system
  • An efficient and fast installation that seals concrete floors, both new and old
  • It creates a floor that is both faster and easier way to maintain and clean
  • It creates a warehouse interior that looks fresh, clean, and appealing

All of the above ultimately make it easier to maintain, sell & lease industrial sheds – making both you and the tenants more money.

Our Proprietary


STEP 1. Grinding

The first step involves removing the concrete’s top layer to remove any micro-roughness. This provides us with a smooth surface where dust cannot settle.

STEP 2. Densification

With a lithium impregnator, lime particles can be firmly bound in concrete to create a sturdier surface. As a water-based solution, the lithium impregnator penetrates deep into the pores of concrete surfaces.

STEP 3. Sealing

Our water-based chemical acts as a protective barrier or sealer on the surface. Because this is not a film coating, it will structurally change the concrete, resulting in much more resistant flooring.

STEP 4. Polishing

The final step is polishing your flooring. You can choose from a semi-gloss, high-gloss or matte finish based on your preferences and requirements.

Eco-Friendly Surface Polishing System

Surface Polishing is an eco-friendly flooring system that specialises in the treatment of cured concrete floors – making them smoother, abrasion resistant, cleaner and more beautiful than conventional concrete floors.

But did you know they are ecologically safe too?

  • Our sustainable Surface Polishing system involves grinding away the micro roughness to leave a smooth finish, treating the floor with our specialist densifier which binds with the free lime in the concrete to create a more durable finish. Finally, our Surface Polishing sealant is applied to make the surface of the floor resistant to absorption of spilled liquids.
  • Our eco-friendly flooring produces a reduced dust solution that, unlike an epoxy coating, will last for many, many years.
  • The chemicals we use are certified as safe to use.
  • The concrete densifier used in the process is a crystallised salt based solution which binds with the free lime in the concrete to produce a denser and abrasive resistant surface. It is not toxic in any way and it is safe to pour directly into a drain.
  • The concrete sealer is a polymer based chemical which seals the surface of the concrete making it resistant to liquid spills. This also is non-toxic and is easy to dispose of.

Making Floor Cleaning More Eco-friendly.

One of the biggest problems with an untreated concrete floor is dust.

Concrete dust is harmful to health, can ruin stock and can damage machinery. The more dust, the more it needs to be cleaned away.

A warehouse floor treated with the eco-friendly Surface Polishing system produces an order of magnitude less dust and therefore requires much, much less cleaning. Less cleaning uses less water, less detergent and there is less need to dispose of any slurry created during cleaning.


Who amongst your data base do you think this might be of benefit to?

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Other concrete finishers may simply spray on a film-forming coating on top of the untreated concrete which basically acts as a thin layer. The problem with this option is that film coatings won’t remove the roughness (micro abrasions) of the concrete, and as a result the dust still gets caught in the concrete pores. Worse yet, the film continually wears off as it is caught between the roughness of the concrete and any heavy traffic running over it and often needs to be reapplied.

Why We're Your 1st Choice



Over 30 years of experience and training have given our highly skilled team of commercial and industrial concrete finishers a great deal of field knowledge.

Quality Products

We use only top quality industrial products and equipment.

Speedy Service

Having a large team of qualified commercial & industrial applicators means that we can be available quickly and we are able to meet your timelines.

Extensive Knowledge

Applicators from our flooring teams are experienced across a variety of materials and finishes.

Customer Satisfaction

We’re not happy with a project unless you are, and that is why we will always work with you to ensure you are satisfied.

Competitive Pricing

We offer cost-effective pricing for industrial dustproofing along with high-quality finishes. Contact us today and request a FREE quote.


Love the finish!

“I apologize for not taking the time sooner to tell you how much we love the floor finish your firm did for us. My tenants love it and I get complements on it from visitors all the time. I feel so proud of my self because I choose you to do the job! Thank you so much.”

Patricia Waldrop

First Class

“Absolutely first class service every step of the way. Josh, Ben, Justin, and Russ were fantastic to work with and delivered on time. Highly personable team that were true professionals. Highest possible recommendation for their service.”

David Kudlak

Well Explained!

“Superior Concrete Finishes was personable and thorough. They carefully explained their product and procedures, and did not pressure us for a quick decision. When unexpected conditions were encountered on the job, the crew worked through them. They make sure the work was completed properly and on schedule.”

Tifanny Regner

Frequently Asked Questions


No – it doesn’t. If the concrete flooring in an industrial shed hasn’t been ground back, the roughness and micro abrasions of its surface will continue to capture dust and cause it to build up and create ongoing maintenance and slip hazard issues.

You’ll know from your own experience (and your tenants certainly will), that it’s incredibly difficult to clean untreated concrete, and no matter how often you do, it will build up again straight away. It’s just time and labor they are continually pouring down the drain.

Wear and tear from heavy traffic across the warehouse floors causes dust to rise to the surface, and the cycle continues.

Beyond the ongoing cleaning issues it also poses a significant risk to stock, machinery, and the health of the tenants staff.

Dusty concrete flooring will cost you, your sellers and your tenants a lot of money, but there’s a simple, low-cost solution to this problem.

Despite being a smoother and more polished finish, the power trowel system on warehouse flooring provides a very high level of slip resistance.

The operational speed of the system is what enables us to provide a low-cost option that not only solves the dust issues but dramatically improves the look, durability, and safety of both new and existing concrete floors. The speed at which the system is applied will also save you a significant amount of down time and money ensuring that you can get the property on the market and tenanted or sold faster.

Providing a dust proof building option to potential tenants and buyers also means that you will be able to rent/lease the property for a higher rate to those high value businesses that are looking to protect the millions of dollars they spend on stock and machinery and the safety of their staff.

One of the most important aspects is the speed of the Becosan system – depending on the size of your shed, we are literally in and out within a matter of days. The power trowel system is the perfect option for those working on tight schedules looking to get industrial sheds tenanted and sold as as quickly as possible.

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