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Our team have been helping commercial & industrial customers with their concrete resurfacing projects for years now.  Examples of the types of jobs we take on include retail shop floors, car parks, factories and warehouses.

If you’re looking for the perfect epoxy coating solution to resurfacing your new floor or existing concrete area, talk to us today to learn more about what our epoxy flooring Brisbane installers can do, the advantages of our flooring solutions, adding non slip resistance and whether it will be the right option for you.

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Epoxy flooring is a highly durable and attractive alternative to traditional flooring solutions. It is made up of epoxy resin, which is a type of synthetic plastic polymer, combined with additives and fillers that give it various properties such as strength, durability, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance. Epoxy floors can be applied to nearly any existing surface including concrete floors.


How are they installed?

Installation of epoxy flooring typically involves a multi-step process. Prior to installation, the substrate must be properly prepared. This includes filling any cracks or holes in the existing surface and ensuring that it is clean, dry, and free from dust. Once the substrate is ready, epoxy floor primer and base coat are applied using specialized epoxy rollers and brushes. After this has dried, additional coats of epoxy and anti slip additives may be added depending on the desired thickness and slip resistance. Finally, topcoats may be applied for an extra layer of protection and decorative purposes.

Different Types of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a highly versatile and durable solution for a variety of different environments. It comes in different types, including:

  • epoxy grip rite flooring,
  • epoxy flake flooring, and
  • epoxy roll coat flooring.

Each type offers unique advantages depending on the specific application.

Epoxy grip rite flooring is ideal for areas that require anti-slip properties such as bathrooms or wet rooms. It also provides excellent chemical resistance and can be used in areas where spills and splashes are likely to occur. The added texture of the grip rite makes it an attractive option too.

Epoxy flake flooring combines both aesthetic appeal with durability due to its increased textured surface finish. The flakes used are usually made of vinyl which creates an extremely strong and attractive finish. Flake epoxy flooring is ideal for areas such as garages, workshops, retail stores, warehouses, and more. It also comes in several different colours, allowing you to customize the look to suit any environment.

Roll coat epoxy flooring (which is the same as the other two options without the flake or quartz) is great for areas where foot traffic is much higher than other types of floors. The solid epoxy material provides increased resistance to wear and tear as well as excellent chemical resistance. Roll coat epoxy flooring is perfect for commercial & industrial applications such as factories or large-scale manufacturing facilities. When you choose roll coat epoxy, you are investing in a safe and reliable solution that will stand the test of time. It is designed to be extremely durable while providing an attractive finish with minimal maintenance required.

No matter what type of epoxy flooring you choose, it will provide a long-lasting, great-looking floor with excellent protection. The ease of installation and low maintenance also makes it a great choice for any environment.

Why Use Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a great choice for commercial and industrial applications. It provides a non slip durable surface that can withstand heavy traffic, oil spills, and other damage. Epoxy floors are also easy to clean and maintain, making them an attractive option. Additionally, epoxy floors come in a variety of colors and textures so you can customize the look to fit your job.

With proper installation and maintenance, epoxy flooring will give you many years of service without needing to be replaced. Epoxy flooring for your workplace can provide an affordable solution with lasting results.

The epoxy flooring installation process begins with the preparation of the existing surface. This involves cleaning, grinding, and patching any uneven surfaces or cracks. The epoxy is then applied in layers using a roller or trowel to ensure even coverage. Where required, non slip additives are added to the epoxy coatings to ensure safe flooring.  After it is properly cured, epoxy floors can last for many years with minimal maintenance.

By investing in epoxy floors you will be able to enjoy a beautiful finish that is easy to clean and maintain over time. We are experts in epoxy floor installation and have a wide range of options for you to choose from for your specific job that will suit your individual project needs.

9 Reasons to Choose


1. Attractive – Epoxy floors are a fabulous addition to any business flooring.

2. Practical  – The non slip resin flooring is highly recommended for workspaces as it is easy to clean, resistant to wear and tear and affordable to maintain.

3. Wide Range of Colours – There is a large variety of colours to suit every job.

4. Easy to Keep Clean – One of the easiest and most reliable flooring systems to seal and keep clean in any setting.

5. Hard Wearing – As the base is concrete, it is both resilient and sustainable.

6. Seamless Finish – Our many years of expertise in concrete resurfacing ensures each job we install is put together with amazing workmanship, looks modern, is installed in an efficient process and will last a long, long time.

7. Cost-Effective – This option is both affordable to install and up-keep.

8. Durable – This heavy duty concrete finish is long lasting and shows little or no signs of deterioration in high traffic locations.

9. Unique Finishes Available – Our wide range of epoxy coatings come in many custom designs (such as epoxy roll coat and epoxy flake flooring) to suit your individual job and work space.

Whether you have a commercial space or a high traffic area in a shed or warehouse that needs to withstand heavy machines, our epoxy flooring Brisbane teams have the perfect combination of heavy duty epoxy flooring solutions and years of experience for your job.

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Over 30 years of business experience and training have given our highly skilled team of epoxy flooring Brisbane team a great deal of field knowledge.


We use only top quality epoxy floor products and equipment – not the rubbish stuff from local hardware stores.


Having a large team of qualified commercial epoxy flooring applicators means that we can be available quickly to meet your timelines.


Our commercial epoxy flooring team have a wide range of experience across a variety of flooring systems, materials and modern finishes.


We’re not happy with a project unless you are, and that is why we will always work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the final finish of your flooring.


We offer cost-effective pricing for flooring along with a high-quality finish. Call us today and request a FREE quote.

VIDEOS:  Epoxy Flooring Projects

Check out the videos below to see some of the different types of epoxy flooring projects that we take on – industrial sheds, resorts, car parks and retail outlets.

epoxy flooring brisbane  


epoxy flooring brisbane  


car park epoxy flooring - About Us  

18,000m2 Car Park

retail epoxy flooring  

Retail Outlet


Love the finish!

“I apologize for not taking the time sooner to tell you how much we love the floor finish your firm did for us. My tenants love it and I get complements on it from visitors all the time. I feel so proud of my self because I choose you to do the job! Thank you so much.”

Patricia Waldrop

First Class

“Absolutely first class service every step of the way. Josh, Ben, Justin, and Russ were fantastic to work with and delivered on time. Highly personable team that were true professionals. Highest possible recommendation for their service.”

David Kudlak

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“Superior Concrete Finishes was personable and thorough. They carefully explained their product and procedures, and did not pressure us for a quick decision. When unexpected conditions were encountered on the job, the crew worked through them. They make sure the work was completed properly and on schedule.”

Tifanny Regner

Frequently Asked Questions


Epoxy floors are created from a combination of hardeners and resins that, when mixed together, create a chemical reaction causing it to harden into a rigid material with very strong bonds. That makes it highly durable flooring solution and resistant to a wide range of common issues you see with a concrete, such as cracks, water damage, oil spills, stains, and more.

Touch base with one of our epoxy flooring Brisbane team today to learn more about what the best options are for your commercial flooring and to ensure a fantastic job on your next project.

This depends on the extent of the damage. If it’s just some stains and minor cracks, we can repair those quickly before installing the floors, but if there are significant cracks or water damage, you may need to repair the floors before applying the epoxy.  Call one of our epoxy flooring Brisbane team to help match the right flooring solution with your needs and to ensure you get a professional installation.

Before installing an epoxy floor, it is important to prepare the concrete floor correctly. The floors should be cleaned and free from any dirt, oil, grease or other contaminants that may prevent proper adhesion of the flooring products.

In addition, any cracks or holes in floors should be filled with a crack filler product. Old coatings on the floor should also be removed and the floor should be thoroughly vacuumed to remove all dust particles.

After these steps have been completed, it is important to apply a concrete primer before laying down your epoxy flooring material. This will ensure good adhesion of the new epoxy flooring and help extend its life span.

With proper preparation and installation, you can enjoy highly durable and modern epoxy floors for years to come.

Speak to one of our epoxy flooring Brisbane team today about how we may be able to assist with your upcoming project.

It is important to note that epoxy flooring is a highly durable floor surface, however it can still be prone to scratches and wear over time. For this reason, it’s recommended that businesses use floor mats and area rugs in areas where foot traffic is high. This will help protect floors from potential damage, and make cleaning easier as dirt and debris will not get embedded into the flooring surface.

Additionally, business owners should take care to move heavy furniture or equipment carefully so as not to scratch or dent the floor surface. With proper care and maintenance, floors can last for many years with minimal signs of wear.

Touch base with one of our professional epoxy flooring Brisbane team to help you out with you selection of a highly durable floors for your business.

No. An epoxy coating installation that has been professionally laid on concrete floors with a high-quality product is highly durable will last for years.

When it comes to floor maintenance, it is recommended that businesses re-coat their epoxy floor every 7-10 years depending on the amount of heavy traffic the floor experiences. To determine whether or not you need to recoat your flooring, it’s important to inspect the floor regularly for signs of wear and tear such as scratches, oil spills, fading colour, dirt build up in cracks or seams, chips or dents.

If any of these signs are present it is generally a good indication that a new epoxy floor coating should be applied as soon as possible. Doing so will help keep your floor looking great and extend its life span.

Call one of our our epoxy flooring Brisbane team to learn more about the general wear and tear of epoxy floors, the installation process and the potential of getting a professional job completed on your floors.

When it comes to keeping your floor clean, it is important to use the right products. Mild detergents and floor cleaners should be used for everyday tasks such as sweeping and mopping. For more stubborn dirt and stains, a degreaser or floor stripper may be necessary.

Make sure to read all product labels carefully before using any chemicals on your flooring surface as some products can damage epoxy floor coatings. Additionally, rinsing the floor with clean water after applying any chemical is recommended to ensure no residue remains on the floor’s surface.

With regular maintenance and proper care, epoxy floor coatings can help businesses keep their facilities looking great while extending the life of their floors.

Speak to one of our incredible epoxy flooring Brisbane based experts for more information on tips for keeping your floors clean.

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice in many industries, thanks to its durability and long-term performance. It is ideal for businesses that require flooring that is easy to clean and maintain, as well as resistant to wear and tear.

Common examples of businesses that use epoxy floors include hospitals, warehouses, garages, showrooms, retail stores, schools, manufacturing facilities, and food service establishments.

This flooring solution has become increasingly popular due to its cost effectiveness and versatility. Additionally, it can be customized with colours or patterns to suit any decor scheme or application.

Epoxy floors are an excellent choice for any business looking for a durable yet aesthetically pleasing floor covering option.

No.  We specialise in floors for businesses and as such we don’t do coatings for residential customers.

Resin coatings are a superb option for garages floors and concrete driveways for all the same reasons that they perform well in work areas as well – easy to clean, hygienic, modern, amazing value, resistant to spills and can be completed in a roll coat or popular flake epoxy.

If you have garage floors, driveway or patio area that you would like to get done we may be able to help recommend a helpful company in your local area.

It is important that you’re able to entrust your driveway, patio and garages epoxy flooring with someone professional.

Yes we do.  Our reliable epoxy flooring Brisbane based teams work throughout SE QLD and will be more than happy to help you out with your floors in those areas.

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