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We’ve been helping customers with their epoxy flooring projects for years now within Brisbane.  We’ve worked with residential customers on their garages and inside their homes.

In addition, we have a large range of commercial and industrial clientele that gets us involved to help them with their larger projects in commercial kitchens, retail shop floors, car parks, factories and warehouses.

If you’re looking for the perfect seamless solution to flooring your concrete area, talk to us today to learn more about what our epoxy resin Brisbane based applicators can do, the advantages of epoxy flooring and whether it will be the right option for you.  Check out the video above to find out more about the range of epoxy flooring applications, the wide range of colours available and the type of resin flooring Brisbane based jobs our applicators undertake.


Industrial Warehouse

Commercial Epoxy – New Offices  

New Commercial Office

Range of Finishes


There’s a wide range of different epoxy flooring finishes available from epoxy flake flooring to non slip, each one of them perfect for specific types of projects. For further advice – please feel free to contact us directly and speak to one of our expert customer service team in Brisbane about what would best suit you.

Commercial Office

Commercial Office

Industrial Warehouse

Industrial Warehouse

Underground Carpark

Underground Carpark

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Outdoor Flooring

Outdoor Flooring

Production Factory

Production Factory

Retail Shop

Retail Shop



9 Reasons to Choose


1. Attractive – Epoxy flooring is a fabulous addition to any commercial or residential property.

2. Practical  –The non-slip flooring is both easy to clean and affordable to maintain.

3. Wide Range of Colours – There is a large variety of colours to suit every space.

4. Easy to Keep Clean – One of the easiest flooring materials to keep clean in any setting.

5. Hard Wearing – As the base is concrete, is resilient and sustainable.

6. Seamless Finish – Our many years of expertise in epoxy flooring ensures each floor we install is top-notch.

7. Cost-Effective – This option is both affordable to install and up-keep.

8. Durable – This heavy-duty concrete finish is long-lasting and shows little or no signs of deterioration.

9. Unique Finishes Available – Our epoxy flooring comes in many custom designs to meet your needs.

Your 1st Choice



Over 30 years of experience and training have given our highly skilled team of installers a great deal of field knowledge.

Quality Products

We use only top quality commercial-grade products and equipment – not the rubbish stuff from local hardware stores.

Speedy Service

Having a large team of qualified applicators means that we can be available quickly and we are able to meet your timelines.

Extensive Knowledge

Applicators from our commercial flooring Queensland branches are experienced across a variety of materials and finishes.

Customer Satisfaction

We’re not happy with a project unless you are, and that is why we will always work with you to ensure you are satisfied.

Competitive Pricing

We offer cost-effective pricing for epoxy flooring along with high-quality finishes. Contact us today and request a FREE quote.


Real People, Real Words

Epoxy Floor Coating

“Absolutely first class service every step of the way. John, Russ, Justin, and Tom were fantastic to work with and delivered on time. Highly personable team that were true professionals. Highest possible recommendation for their service.”

David Kudlak

We love the floor finish

“I apologize for not taking the time sooner to tell you how much we love the floor finish your firm did for us. My tenants love it and I get complements on it from visitors all the time. I feel so proud of my self because I choose you to do the job! Thank you so much.”

Patricia Waldrop

Well Explained!

“Unlike some other concrete flooring companies, Superior Concrete Finishes was personable and thorough. They carefully explained his product and procedures, and did not pressure us for a quick decision. They even suggest. When unexpected conditions were encountered on the job, the crew worked through them. They make sure the work was completed properly and on schedule. Thanks Superior Concrete Finishes.”

Tifanny Regner

Frequently Asked Questions


Epoxy resin flooring can be scratched if heavy objects are dragged across its surface, however, under normal conditions, epoxy flooring should not scratch.

No. An epoxy floor installation that has been professionally laid with a high-quality product is highly durable will last for years. Whether it is an epoxy coating on a garage floor, your living area or commercial epoxy flooring – an epoxy coatings floor can be trusted to last.

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean. Usually, a neutral PH cleaner is all that is required – depending on the product used and the application requirements (whether the area is commercial or residential).

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