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There are few surfaces that endure the same degree of wear and tear as factory floors. All-day long, industrial floors are repeatedly tested by chemicals and heat, as well as the presence of heavy machinery. Due to this, standard concrete factory flooring won’t survive in this type of setting, as they will crack under pressure and are difficult to maintain. It is also true that a good factory flooring can turn a factory into a productive, safe and clean environment that will endure abuse and use for a very long time.

Factory production and manufacturing facilities aim to operate at maximum efficiency continuously. In production plants, any slowdown caused by flooring is unacceptable. Concrete flooring that is cracked, damaged, slippery, or otherwise unsafe poses a danger to workers and lowers productivity. The selection of production or plant flooring in factories, on the other hand, can support overall efficiency and the long-term budget goals of the management.

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Concrete floors with epoxy resin coatings and polyurethane flooring are the most common solutions for factory flooring. In addition to being hard wearing, resilient to most chemicals, and able to be painted in any color, epoxy resin is a great investment for any business.

The epoxy flooring is applied to your concrete as a liquid, but it isn’t paint. Instead, it consists of resins and hardeners of the highest quality. After epoxy resin has been applied, it reacts chemically with concrete and forms an incredibly durable finish that bonds to the concrete. As part of the installation process, our skilled concrete flooring team prepare your concrete substrate by grinding and repairing the concrete to profile it and open up the pores.

Industrial epoxy coatings protect your concrete substrate by acting as a protective barrier that can withstand harsh conditions while at the same time resisting damage. Because of its durability and longevity, it is frequently used in high-demand settings, such as factories, hospitals, and manufacturing plants.

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  • Brighten up the work environment,
  • Slip-resistant surfaces for workers,
  • Prevent concrete slab from being harmed by chemical and caustic absorption,
  • Protect against heavy loads,
  • Ensure high durability,
  • Clearly identify the flow of traffic, aisles and workstations,
  • Prevent concrete dusting,
  • Make it easier to clean floors,
  • Reduces the amount of electricity needed to illuminate an area, and
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of building interiors for employees and visitors.
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Safety and efficiency of production are directly affected by factory flooring. Over time, damaged flooring could decrease productivity and increase slip hazards for workers.

In factories without high-quality factory flooring, heavy machinery and equipment may have difficulty being handled, and cleaning and maintenance will take more time. In addition to becoming more visually appealing to visitors, the factory flooring installation conveys a sense of cleanliness, safety, and efficiency to visitors.

Using epoxy flooring and/or polyurethane cement flooring can help your facility avoid damage to equipment and injury to workers and visitors, while improving its appearance.



Maintenance of plants and facilities is an inevitability, and managers spend a considerable amount of time planning and coordinating these activities. Manufacturers should choose the flooring that is easy to maintain and have exceptional durability. This means lower maintenance costs and less effort.

When quality concrete coatings like epoxy flooring and polyurethane flooring are installed properly, they reduce downtime, lower labour costs, and result in a greater return on investment.

In the minds of decision-makers, the conundrum is how to determine what will suit a facility’s floor the best. There are several different flooring types, as well as installation methods, and each has its own purpose and application-and for very good reason. Please contact one of our flooring experts today to help guide you on what would be the best solution for your factory.

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Factory floors are always individual in their needs and the outcomes they need to fulfil. There is a wide range of solutions and we’re confident we can meet your needs.

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Applicators from our commercial flooring Queensland branches are experienced across a variety of materials and finishes.


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“I apologize for not taking the time sooner to tell you how much we love the floor finish your firm did for us. My tenants love it and I get complements on it from visitors all the time. I feel so proud of my self because I choose you to do the job! Thank you so much.”

Patricia Waldrop

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“Absolutely first class service every step of the way. Josh, Ben, Justin, and Russ were fantastic to work with and delivered on time. Highly personable team that were true professionals. Highest possible recommendation for their service.”

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“Superior Concrete Finishes was personable and thorough. They carefully explained their product and procedures, and did not pressure us for a quick decision. When unexpected conditions were encountered on the job, the crew worked through them. They make sure the work was completed properly and on schedule.”

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Frequently Asked Questions


No. An epoxy floor installation that has been professionally laid with a high-quality product is highly durable will last for years. Whether it is an epoxy coating on a garage floor, your living area or commercial epoxy flooring – an epoxy coatings floor can be trusted to last.

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean. Usually, a neutral PH cleaner is all that is required – depending on the product used and the application requirements (whether the area is commercial or residential).

Epoxy flooring is a seamless, hard-wearing surface made by applying layers of epoxy resin over concrete floors. This type of flooring is particularly beneficial for factories and manufacturing plants due to its robust nature, making it a cost-effective solution for high-traffic areas. Its resistance to oil, chemicals, and wear makes it ideal for industrial environments.

In the demanding environment of a factory or manufacturing plant, epoxy flooring can offer durability lasting from 5 to 10 years. This longevity is due to its hard-wearing nature, providing a cost-effective flooring solution that withstands the rigorous conditions of industrial use.

Absolutely, epoxy flooring is designed to resist a variety of chemical spills, making it an ideal choice for factories where such incidents are common. This resistance helps maintain the integrity of the factory floor, ensuring a safer and more durable working environment.

Maintaining epoxy flooring in a factory setting is straightforward. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep the floor clean, preserving its appearance and longevity. For factories, this ease of maintenance makes epoxy a cost-effective and practical flooring choice.

Yes, one of the advantages of epoxy flooring in a factory setting is its reparability. Minor damages can be fixed with an epoxy patch, ensuring the floor remains a hard-wearing and attractive part of the factory environment.

Polyurethane flooring is known for its flexibility compared to the more rigid epoxy, making it better suited for environments where floors may be subject to thermal changes or impacts. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for manufacturing plants looking for hard-wearing yet adaptable flooring options.

Polyurethane flooring excels in environments with significant temperature fluctuations, common in many manufacturing plants. Its ability to withstand thermal shock without cracking ensures a long-lasting, cost-effective floor solution.

Polyurethane flooring is as easy to maintain as its epoxy counterpart, requiring only regular cleaning to keep the surface in top condition. This low maintenance requirement makes it a cost-effective choice for busy factory floors.

Designed to be hard-wearing, polyurethane floors can endure the constant movement and weight of heavy machinery and forklifts, making it an ideal choice for the demanding environment of factories and manufacturing plants.

The installation of polyurethane flooring is a straightforward process that can usually be completed within a few days, depending on the size of the factory floor. A brief curing period is required, after which the floor is ready for use, providing a durable, cost-effective flooring solution for manufacturing environments.

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