Dustproof Polishing

Warehouse Flooring

  • LOCATION: Brendale, Brisbane.
  • AREA: 10,800m2 Warehouse
  • SERVICE: Concrete Dustproofing


  • BDW is located in three large stores in Brendale, Slacks Creek and Arundel.
  • BDW service retail, trade & wholesale customers with an extensive range of quality designed and produced homeware furniture and fittings.


  • Create an attractive & cost effective finish.
  • Suitable for forklift traffic and pedestrians.
  • Reduce cleaning and ongoing maintenance.
  • Provide a retail quality showroom finish suitable to showing  high end building products. 
  • Create a dust proof finish to ensure clients products and staff aren’t adversely affected but dust and contaminants from the concrete floor.


  • Use our unique dustproofing system – utilising chemical technology – to densify the concrete before polishing. 
  • Polishing works to be completed wet to reduce silica production and exposure. 
  • All waste materials to be removed from site.
  • Utilise large machines that reduces time on site and labour costs to help generate a substantial saving to the customer.
  • Undertake a full exposure polish in the showroom to create a high quality and visually appealing floor suitable for displaying products.


  • Modern, attractive and easy to maintain polished concrete showroom and warehouse..
  • Dustproof floors that protect both product and staff.
  • BDW’s warehouse and showroom in Brendale now sets the standard for its industry.
Concrete Dustproofing

Warehouse Flooring

Check out the finished result of this massive 10,800m2 warehouse project in Brendale.

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