Concrete Surface Polishing

Supercheap Auto

LOCATION: North Caboolture
AREA: 950m2
SERVICE: Full Exposure Concrete Surface Polish


  • Supercheap Auto is an Australian automotive parts and accessories retailer.
  • It was founded in 1972, operating as a mail-order business and opened its first store in Brisbane in 1974.
  • It now has 300 stores across Australia and New Zealand.


  • Mechanical polish – 950m2
  • Exposure Level – Full exposure, trowel finished polished concrete
  • Finish – Mid Gloss


  • Grind floor flat to expose aggregate
  • Remove dust and silica risk by utilising H class vacuum systems
  • Use densifying chemicals to create a hard scratch resistant surface
  • Use trowel based resin polish system to create an attractive retail floor


  • Attractive retail floor with full stone exposure
  • Mid level gloss
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Long life cycle on flooring
  • Works completed in short time-frame assisting the builders program
  • Significant savings for the client and builder due to compressed work program
Polished Concrete


Check out the finished result of a full exposure concrete surface polishing project we undertook in North Caboolture for Supercheap Auto.

The project included 950sqm of internal floor polishing.  All completed in time for the launch!

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