Surface Polish

Officeworks Underwood

  • LOCATION: Underwood, Brisbane.
  • AREA: 1,800m2 Retail Store
  • SERVICE: Retail Surface Polish


Officeworks is Australia’s leading supplier of office products and solutions for small and medium-size businesses, students and households, operating through a nationwide network of 166 stores.


  • Install high quality retail surface polish for the Officeworks flagship store.
  • Durable finish suitable for both foot and forklift traffic.
  • The floor needed to be attractive, easy to maintain with a long service life to minimise future down time.
  • Work in conjunction with Inspired Built (the principal contractor) to finish on time and on budget.


  • Work with the principal contractor during slab pour schedule to apply concrete densifier to assist with curing, density and final finish.
  • Ensure all design specifications are met.
  • Guarantee all works completed by experienced installers in a short turnaround time to allow access for other finishing trades and builders handover target date.
  • All quality and safety requirements are exceeded.
  • Silica dust issues are mitigated with a wet polish process.
  • Maintain a high level of communication with stakeholders to ensure all targets and timelines are met.


  • An attractive surface polish floor with semi-gloss finish on budget.
  • An easy to maintain and durable flooring solution.
  • Refraction of light from the polished floors that helps to highlight the products being sold throughout the stores.
  • Works were completed ahead of the client timeframe, allowing builders to schedule other finish trades sooner than expected.

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Surface Polishing


Check out the finished result of a concrete surface polish project we undertook in Underwood for Officeworks. All completed in time for the launch!

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