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Retail environments designs are constantly changing, as it looks for the perfect way to entice customers. For both large and small businesses, many of the same practices apply when choosing the right kind of retail flooring option – ensuring successful flooring installations requires a stringent process.

These requirements fall into four categories: 

  • Image,
  • Durability,
  • Cleanliness, and
  • Installation.
Requirement #1


When selecting retail flooring for commercial spaces, the most frequently heard statement is, “I need my store to look good.” By this, the retailer is often expressing that he or she wants the flooring to be part of the equation in creating a tone or image for the store. With the proper choice of colour and texture, and in conjunction with other interior finishes, shoppers can be immediately drawn into the experience of the store. The retail flooring option also needs to consider the amount of foot traffic moving through the area. The availability of a wide variety of floor coverings today provides owners with tremendous opportunities for designing transformative shopping experiences.

Requirement #2


In addition to selecting aesthetically pleasing products, you must also ensure that they are durable and long-lasting for the intended space. It is important that the product is analysed for durability in relation to the expected foot traffic of the store. This ensures the materials chosen will not prematurely deteriorate. To protect the design presentation, the product must have a sufficient wear layer. Choosing a material that shows wear in heavy traffic areas or pivot points compromises the impression of the store. The quality of the shopping experience could very well affect the perceived value of the purchase. For long-lasting impressions, it is always best to slightly overestimate the durability requirements.

Requirement #3


Retail stores are typically busy areas and there is a great deal of dirt and debris transported in by high traffic flow. Generally, shoppers judge a facility by its cleanliness, and one of the most common ways of doing that is by the appearance of the flooring. It is easier than ever before to create a healthy and hygienic interior using the right type of flooring and the right entrance mats.

Requirement #4


In the retail flooring industry, one of the most challenging aspects is the actual installation process. Timing, or a lack of time, is the most frequent obstacle to installation.

Compared to new construction, retail floor replacement in existing, open facilities faces a number of challenges, including the challenge of replacing existing or damaged flooring. In most cases, this requires disassembling store fixtures, removing any old flooring, preparing the floor, installing the new flooring, and reassembling the fixtures.

Often, products that can be installed quickly are popular choices for these quick turnarounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Epoxy resin flooring can be scratched if heavy objects are dragged across its surface, however, under normal conditions, epoxy flooring should not scratch.

No. An epoxy floor installation that has been professionally laid with a high-quality product is highly durable will last for years. Whether it is an epoxy coating on a garage floor, your living area or commercial epoxy flooring – an epoxy coatings floor can be trusted to last.

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean. Usually, a neutral PH cleaner is all that is required – depending on the product used and the application requirements (whether the area is commercial or residential).

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