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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Whether it’s for a commercial kitchen, a retail outlet or a large manufacturing facility, epoxy floor coating is a great option to completely transform the look and functionality of your concrete flooring.

Concrete epoxy coating is becoming an increasingly popular option for finishing concrete surfaces as it provides that perfect seamless look that is easy to clean, attractive and very cost effective.

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Clean, sharp, simple lines are the hallmark of modern architecture.  Solid colour epoxy floor coating is available in a wide range of colours, that help achieve modern finishes in commercial industrial areas that are easy to clean.



Flake epoxy is a great floor coating option for rectifying damaged or cracked concrete, creating a seamless floor around machinery or highly trafficked areas. Protected by a high quality polyurethane epoxy you can achieve some great results.  The flake comes in a range of different colours and is perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

The Top 6

Advantages of Epoxy Floors

Easy to Keep Clean

Vacuum, pressure clean or simply broom off - epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain.

Cost Effective

Epoxy is one of the most affordable and cost-effective flooring options available.

Super Practical

Looking for a practical option for your flooring? From commercial to industrial, It's the perfect option.

Hard Wearing

Epoxy is extremely hard, making it perfect for all applications and the perfect flooring option.

Unique Finishes

Choose from a variety of Natural Stone, Contemporary, Grip Rite and Traditional epoxy flake finishes.

Seamless Finish

No joins - the perfect option for all commercial and industrial applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Epoxy is not recommended for application over existing coatings because the existing coating will inhibit bonding of the epoxy coating to the concrete floor. We strip and clean any existing coatings using state the art grinders.

Yes, an optional non-slip finish to epoxy floors; this is usually applied only to floors that see a lot of water due to rain. It will make the floor surface rough and will be rougher on mops during clean-up however will produce an extremely high non-slip finish

Ultraviolet light will cause most paints and coatings to fade however we apply a UV (ultraviolet) protector to all epoxy floors that reduces the damaging effects of sunlight to the finish.

Yes. You can lay epoxy flooring over tiles, however it really depends on the condition of the substrate and the tiles. In most instances we will remove any existing floor coverings, including any glue or residue. This will prepare the underlying concrete to ensure longevity for the application of the epoxy resin flooring. We will always check the condition of the flooring to determine whether coating over the tile in your case is possible.

We always fill major cracks and holes with an epoxy resin paste which makes it the most durable patching system available for concrete.

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