Industrial Flooring Solutions

Do you have industrial flooring that needs a complete revamp?

Need some industrial flooring ideas? Unsure about what industrial floor design to use? Uncertain about which industrial floor coating contractors or polished concrete technicians to employ.

Industrial epoxy flooring or polished concrete can be the perfect option for providing practical, easy maintenance and hygienic solutions for large industrial flooring projects, food factory flooring, warehouse epoxy flooring or epoxy car park flooring. Check out the range of floor coating options below.

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Industrial Floor Solutions

Industrial Roll Coat Epoxy

Industrial strength roll coat epoxy is a super popular choice for workshop floor paint covering a large range of industries.  You can use industrial floor coatings to protect your concrete, define work areas, reduce dusting, improve slip resistance and transform the look of  your workplace.

Flake Epoxy Flooring

Flake epoxy is a great option for rectifying damaged or cracked concrete, creating a seamless floor around machinery or highly trafficked areas. Protected by a high quality polyurethane you can achieve some great results.

Honed & Sealed Concrete Floors

For a clean and economical finish, honing & sealing your industrial concrete floor may be a perfect option. You can achieve a matt/satin or gloss finish that is easy to clean, has a polished concrete look and is easy to re-coat when required.

Trowel Coat Epoxies and Polyurethane Cements

Applied at 4-6mm trowel coat epoxy and industrial polyurethane floor coating are used to create long lasting, easy clean, slip resist floors. Commonly used in workshops, deli’s, supermarkets, butchers, laboratories. Coving and falls to drains can all be incorporated into this versatile flooring system by experienced industrial epoxy floor coating contractors. Highly chemical resistant this is a great industrial floor coating option for high risk areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We have qualified flooring specialists available to assist with all areas of installation.

  • Job preparation
  • Epoxy/ Polyurethane Floor Coating
  • Finishing
  • Line Marking

Industrial coatings are super durable. We will advise the best flooring solution for the relevant areas to ensure the correct solutions are being used based on the traffic and usage that area will encounter.

Depending on the situation, we can. There are typically multiple ways we can ensure a speedy turn around. For example, if you are located in an area where works can be commenced 24/7, then we can do night works for and extra levy on the original price. There are multiple examples of ways we can give you an assured time frame, thus, give us a call.

Our seamless floors can pass the strict HACCP testing for food areas. We ensure that our flooring solutions serviced abide by the strict health code set by HACCP. Thus, you can rest assured, that when you contract us you can be guaranteed of the quality finish necessary to pass the relevant tests.

Most epoxy floors last 10 – 20 years when completed properly, however, the warranty is for 12 months. Why is this? At the end of the day it’s a floor, it gets the roughest treatment out of all of the surfaces within a premise. However, if we have done something incorrectly with chemical in balancing, this issue will present itself typically within 6 weeks of the completed project. Thus, warranty will cover you for issues which we have completed. Luckily for you, we don’t complete floors with issues.

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