Have you been following the resurgence of polished concrete surfaces?

Even though polished concrete has existed for a while, it has never really made itself known except for its use in commercial flooring. However, that has been changing as this durable and low maintenance choice is getting back in trend.

One of the biggest reasons for its return is its lustrous appeal. You may have seen its use in modern stores, where ingenious light fixtures make the whole space bright and attractive. It can be modified by adding your favourite colours or creating beautiful patterns.

Nevertheless, most people are still limited with the ideas they have for using polished concrete. Hence, we are here with a comprehensive guide to talk about the different ways you can use it in any space.

So, let us begin with the ideas!

Where Can Polished Concrete Be Used?

Before we move on to the ideas, we would like to address the notion that most of us consider polished concrete to be ideal for commercial or industrial use. It is not wrong, but modern architectural projects have shown us new ways of using the technique.

Having said that, we have tried to keep the list comprehensive yet a little experimental. We hope that you will have fun while working with our ideas for using polished concrete.

Without further delay, let us see what can be done.

1. Living Rooms

Rather than covering up the living room flooring with carpets, you can use polished concrete. If the room has an all-white theme, you can add a pop of colour through the polished flooring. Besides, if you like old-time designs, think about adding patterns to give them a different look.

Furthermore, scored or patterned polished concrete flooring also works well in living rooms if you are looking for an intricate design.

You can also complement the polished flooring with warm or cool lights to highlight the shine factor. The anti-skid surface will make sure that the kids and pets are safe without the need to layer it with carpets.

Polished Concrete In Living Room

2. Bathrooms

Are you bored with tiled flooring in bathrooms? Polished concrete can absolutely change the look of your bathing space. If you have been thinking about a specific theme, including polished concrete flooring will bring freshness into the design.

We especially like its use in bathrooms for its ability to make a space brighter. Also, the white and black flooring look excellent with modern minimalist bathroom fittings.

As polished concrete floors are easy to clean, you would not need to spend a lot of time on keeping them tidy.

Polished Concrete In Bathroom

3. Patio And Terrace

Have you been thinking about revamping your patio or terrace? If yes, then you might consider installing polished concrete flooring. Because of its durability, the surface will retain its shine throughout the year.

It provides impact resistance, so the flooring wouldn’t get ruined if you drop something heavy on it.

Compared to other materials, you may customise it in any design as there are no choice limitations. Also, you can easily give it the look of high-end flooring materials like tiles and marble.

Polished Concrete Patio

4. Accent Walls

One of the newest trends in the architectural scene has been to put polished concrete on accent walls. This may take professional expertise, but these installations look stunning, especially with proper light fittings.

If you have been thinking about doing something different for your space, salt-and-pepper polished concrete walls might be the answer. However, you can always experiment with the look and create new designs.

Another great thing is that you can use it for domestic and commercial spaces to enhance its appearance and to garner compliments.

Polished Concrete Wall

5. Commercial Spaces

Polished concrete surfaces are commonly used in commercial spaces because of their durability and low maintenance. It works everywhere, from modern restaurants to hospitals. You can easily clean a polished concrete floor and keep it sanitised.

Additionally, even office spaces have been using polished surfaces as it adds brightness, which is said to uplift the spirit of employees. Also, you may have noticed that automobile stores often have shiny surfaces, and the easiest way to achieve this is by using polished concrete.

The chrome fittings of cars coupled with the shine of the flooring create a dazzling environment. Hence, if you want to add a bit of oomph to a commercial space, try out polished concrete flooring.

Polished Concrete Commercial

6. Workshops And Industries

In most cases, workshops and industrial spaces need to have durable flooring to sustain the weight of heavy equipment. Along with being durable, polished concrete floors are affordable and require minimum maintenance. 

If you use moving vehicles like forklifts, it wouldn’t leave tire marks on the floor. Also, polished concrete floors maintain a pristine look even when the space is being used every day.

Polished Concrete In Workshop

Design Ideas For Polished Concrete

1. Stained Polished Concrete

A simple way to add definition to your polished concrete surfaces is to add stain to the mix. Staining can be done over pre-existing concrete floors or while a new one is being built.

The idea of staining is to add a subtle layer of colour on top of the concrete to bring out a distinctive look. You may have already seen this style of polished concrete flooring in commercial spaces, as it helps to catch the light.

2. Coloured Or Dyed Polished Concrete

Unlike staining, for dyed surfaces, a more potent concrete dye is added to the mix. You can make various designs with it by applying different colours to the surface. These surfaces are vibrant and shiny, making them an excellent option for domestic use.

Dyed polished concrete surfaces look wonderful when added to patios or terraces. They also let you recreate timeless, polished designs seen in former times.

3. Plain Polished Concrete

We shouldn’t underestimate plain grey concrete floors, as they can alleviate the look of certain places. For instance, many retail stores like to have bare concrete flooring so that customers can focus more on the products.

Besides, you can also polish plain concrete in various ways to give it a specific look. Usually, the exposure and gloss level of a surface helps to create that difference. However, you can go for a matte or satin burnished finish to get the plain grey look.

Using Polished Concrete In Your Home

Polished concrete is a versatile way to bring out the beauty of a surface. Even though we have mentioned a handful of ideas in this guide, don’t back away from experimenting.

We always look forward to hearing about new and upcoming designs for polished concrete floors. Having said that, make sure to consult professionals about the polished concrete surface that would work for your space.

Also, do note that overly glossy surfaces aren’t suitable for households, so contact an expert to know the strengths and weaknesses of polished concrete.

With that, we have reached the end of this comprehensive guide. Make sure to let us know if there are any queries related to usage ideas of polished concrete.

Till then, take care!