Workshop Epoxy Flooring

Workshop Epoxy Flooring

Workshops might be in your home or they might be at your work – maybe you work at a manufacturing plant or a vehicle servicing centre. Wherever your workshop is, a key to it is that you want to be able to keep them clean, easy to maintain and a place that you’re happy and comfortable to work in – installing an a commercial grade workshop epoxy floor can help you achieve all of those things.

Benefits of installing workshop floor coating:

There are a few core benefits that come with installing seamless epoxy floors, these include;

A) Industrial Strength  

  • Our coating increases the strength of the concrete’s surface as the coating sucks into the exposed pores of the concrete and densifies the top layer.

B) It Looks Great 

  • The finishes applicable to workshop floor spaces far surpass leaving your floor as a plain concrete slab and will considerably improve the aesthetics of the area.
  • It will completely brighten the room the workshop room and make it more enjoyable to spend time there.
  • The floor of a workshop is a considerably large portion of space which takes up the prominent portion of your view within a room. Installing an industrial epoxy floor to a workshop space transforms the look of your area.
  • From plain grey coatings to a wide range of flake floor colour variations we are guaranteed to have a flooring solution which will suit your space and meet your approval.

C) Easy to Clean 

  • The seamless nature of the floor eliminates the amount of dust & dirt that gets caught in the pores of a concrete slab. Thus, making it easy to clean.

D) Wide Variety of Colours & Pattern Variations 

  • Our workshop floor paint colours & pattern variations assist in guaranteeing our clients that they will find something that matches their premises colour scheme/ design plan.

Types of Epoxy Flooring Available:     

There are two main types of epoxy flooring that are typically used for workshop epoxy flooring and these include:

1. Flake Flooring – This is the speckled look. This is highly recommended for these large spaces for a multiple reason. It is the best at hiding dirt and concealing the imperfections of the concrete slab that may naturally occur over time (substrate movement).

2. Plain Epoxy Flooring – This is a cheaper alternative to the flake flooring solution, however, does not conceal anything. Plain coated floors highlight every sin of the concrete, in which some are impossible to conceal. Have a chat to our team to see whether your concrete slab would be healthy enough to apply this finish to.

workshop epoxy flooring

The Process for Laying a Workshop Epoxy Floor:     

A) Grind, Patch & Prime

  • Concrete grinding preparation to ensure smooth substrate and a clean porous surface to apply the epoxy coating.
  • Concrete repairs via patching any visible cracks and holes on the surface of the concrete slab.
  • Application of the industrial grade epoxy primer.

B)  Prime & Flake

  • Second application of the industrial grade epoxy primer.
  • Broadcast the flake across the wet epoxy floor coating.

C)  UV Stabilised Polyurethane Sealing

  • Two coats of a topcoat sealer using a UV Stabilised Polyurethane.

Top Tips When Considering Your Workshop Flooring Solution

  1. Choose what is going to be a viable option based on how you use your workshop. Workshops are often places that need to withstand tools dropping and dirt and grime getting on them. Make sure you find yourself a flooring solution that is going to withstand some impacts and is easy to clean. Also, look for something that brightens the room up – nobody likes working in a dark and grimy area.
  2. If you’re in a commercial area, think about getting the floor done in different colours to mark out safety areas and walkways.
  3. Floors can be completed out of hours to minimise any impact on commercial activities that you run from the premises.

Give us a call today and discuss the options available. Send us some photos or we’ll happily come to you and check out the area you have and provide some free advice on what you could do.

Frequently asked questions

Commercial flooring is classified as hard floors which are completed for either business purposes or income generating operation. Where our floors will be put to the test with strenuous daily operation occurring.

Superior Concrete Finishes Commercial Flooring processes are of the high quality with time taken during the preparation to ensure longevity of the floor. As a business entering a new premise with new flooring, you are unable to cease operation due to fixes of a faulty floor occurring. Thus, our focus is on a one time completion principle. Our values see to it, that our systems once completed last the test of time.

How long do they last, most epoxy floors last 10 – 20 years when completed properly. However, the warranty is for 12 months. Why is this? At the end of the day it’s a floor, it gets the roughest treatment out of all of the surfaces within a premise. However, if we have done something incorrectly with chemical in balancing, this issue will present itself typically within 6 weeks of the completed project. Thus, warranty will cover you for issues which we have completed. Luckily for you, we don’t complete floors with issues.

We are licenced under a QBCC building licence and we are highly experienced in the process of hard flooring. Furthermore, we are insured to cover us against life/s accidents. Lastly, we have all our WHSE management plan up to date and ready consistently.

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